Submission Policy @ Must Have Music

We do not accept unsolicited materials. If you are an artist or songwriter interested in submitting your material for review by our staff, please email us at to obtain permission prior to submitting a demo.

Please include a brief description of your material. Do not email real audio files or MP3 files unless we request them. If we are accepting material that fits your genre, we will ask that you send us the following.

Must Have Music Submissions Format:

1.We prefer that you submit a CD, DAT or Cassette with no more than 3 songs.(Please do not send your master, or only copy).

2.Typed lyric sheets are required.

3.Proof of Copyright Registration with the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

4.All current contact information (address, phone number, email address, best hours to call, etc. )

* Please note:  we do not return material *

We won't issue a contract or put a hold on your material if we don't feel that we can be of service to you. Must Have Music Publishing will report to you in 3-4 weeks only if interested.

Once you have sent your submission, please do not email or call unless we contact you.

For more information on appropriate submission packaging see FIRST IMPRESSIONS.

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