As a songwriter, worship leader and founder of Hill View Music, Steve Massey is committed to providing top quality, original praise and worship songs for Christian Churches world wide. Steve resides in Jacksonville, Oregon with his wife Barbara and daughter Rachael.

Steve studied Bible and theology at Peninsula Bible Church's Scribe School for three years and was involved in music, youth ministries as well as campus ministry at Stanford University. Steve continues to lead worship at a number of churches, at church retreats and a variety of other settings.

Steve completed his musical education in Los Angeles through private song writing study with Jai Josefs, author of book "Writing Music For Hit Songs" as well as voice lessons with Robert Edwards.  Steve's music industry involvement has included active membership in the Northern California Songwriters Association as well as the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and the Nashville Songwriters Association International.  While in Los Angeles, Steve led a light jazz trio that played extensively and recorded a four-song tape for promotional purposes.

Steve's current praise song, "Come To The Table" co-written with long time co-writer  Ken Klar, was selected by CCM Worship Magazine's Song DISCovery program as one of 11 songs for the Volume 26 CD compilation and Song book which went out to over 21,000 subscribers, many of which are church music leaders. Song DISCovery is a Bi-monthly worship resource, which presents the best of new worship songs from a variety of sources.  "Come To The Table" is seeing regular usage by a number of church congregations and "We Build This House" is currently being used as the theme song for a number of church building projects throughout the country.

Steve's full length praise and worship CD titled "Come To The Table" featuring 12 original praise and worship songs written by Steve and Ken and performed and produced by Steve is now available. The CD includes both up-tempo worship songs as well as slower worshipful songs.