SONG CRITIQUE - $30 per song

If you need an objective view of your songwriting, you've come to right place. We're not in business to give anyone a pat on the back and say, "Son, you need to get that to Shania Twain." A critique from Must Have Music comes from real professionals after taking a long, hard, objective look at your music. We'll tell you your strengths, point out the places where you might be having trouble, and even offer suggestions about how to fix those problem areas.

Professional songwriters critique each other's work every day because they have to know where they stand. It's almost impossible to be completely objective about your own work. Objectivity is just what you'll get from us! We'll start with what you send us and how it is presented. We'll listen to the production songwriting and even address specific questions, if you have them. Simply fill out the Song Critique Request Form and send us your package.  This service usually takes 3-4 weeks from the time we receive the necessary materials from you and is included in written form and on cassette for easy reference.

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