LEAD SHEET - $10 per song

If you want to create your own demo of an original song, owned and controlled by Must Have Music, we can provide the sheet music (a lead sheet/chord chart) for that purpose.  At an incredibly low price (just enough to cover our printing costs), you can purchase a lead sheet that will enable you to hire a studio to confidently produce your own demo of our song and/or play our songs at your next live performance.  Note You can purchase professional quality, karaoke tracks of our original songs (also known as Demotrax ). With this "pre-existing background track" in hand, you can hire a studio to record your vocals, mix and produce the demo that you need and/or use these DemoTrax for as professional quality background for your next live performance.

If you would like to use our in-house production services  (located in Los Angeles, CA), you can also record and mix your own lead vocal onto a Must Have Music DemoTrax. Our studio rates are $50 per hour and the studio time required is usually between 2-3 hours. The studio time required to record and mix your vocals would be at additional cost. Once you receive the DemoTrax we can schedule a session at your convenience

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